Post-Diploma in ICU Techniques

Qualification : 10th

Duration : 1-2 years

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  • Providing emergency medical support and care to individuals who
    are critically ill or injured and transporting them to a medical
    facility within stipulated time limits
  • Understanding and skills required of an ICU Technician to decide on
    action to be taken upon arrival at the emergency scene to evaluate
    the situation and ensure the safety of patient(s) and others
  • Understand the appropriate and permissible medical service
    procedures which may be rendered by an ICU Technician to a
    patient in a hospital such as, steps to be followed for cardiovascular
    emergencies or emergency of an environmental nature like burns,
  • Assessing the situation and condition of the patient based on an
    examination and supporting tests
  • To provide emergency medical care to a patient experiencing
    symptoms of a stroke & discuss the actions recommended for
    emergency responders to potential stroke victims


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