Post-Diploma in OT Techniques

Qualification : 10th

Duration : 1-2 years

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  • Able to perform duties such as to set-up and positioning of theater
    equipment for a variety of surgical procedures
  • Assisting in preparation and maintenance of the operating suite
    environment as a pre-operative function and able to use basic
    knowledge of surgical procedures to assist and identify the
    needs of operating teams
  • Assemble equipment and check to ensure that it is complete, clean
    and correctly functioning & maintaining a safe working area at all
    times and use correct manual handling techniques
  • Transport blood, pathology specimens and other items necessary
    using standard precautions, to support the theatre team & remove,
    clean and store equipment correctly at conclusion of procedure
  • To assist the patient in moving from the bed to the
    stretcher/wheelchair or vice versa by using correct body mechanic
    & to ensure that work is completed systematically with attention to
    detail , without damage to equipment or injury to oneself or others


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