Diploma in Medical Lab Technician

Qualification : 10th

Duration : 1-2 years

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  • Able to collect, transport, receive, accept or reject, store blood/
    urine/stool,tissue samples & also to Identify characteristics of
    major blood group systems, detect and identify antibodies.
  • To understand how samples of body fluids/ samples are collected
    and analysed & Identify information by categorising, estimating,
    recognising differences or similarities, and detecting changes in
    components of body fluids/ samples.
  • Transport blood, pathology specimens and other items necessary
    using standard precautions, to support the team & remove, clean
    and store equipment correctly at conclusion of procedure.
  • Able to Prepare and document medical tests and clinical results
    and also documenting and entering all test-related data into an
    electronic storage system.
  • Able to set up, calibrate, operate, clean and maintain equipment
    used in quantitative or qualitative analysis, such as
    spectrophotometers, calorimeters, flame photometers and
    computer-controlled analysers.


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