Post-Diploma in Radiology Techniques

Qualification : 10th

Duration : 1-2 years

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  • To prepare the patient and the room for the procedure, this includes
    positioning the patient correctly and taking safety precautions.
  • Able to perform pathological Test of various systems: cardiovascular
    system, respiratory system, central nervous system, musculoskeletal
    system, gastro-intestinal tract and reproductive system
  • Determining the radiological diagnostic tests required for the patient
    based on the physician’s prescription and the medical history.
  • Following the basic principles and practical aspects of x-ray
    machines, CT machines (basics of plain studies, contrast studies,
    special procedures), MRI machines (basic principles, imaging
    methods, plain & contrast studies, image contrast, factors affecting
    image quality)
  • Able to write brief observations about pathologies that may affect
    diagnoses on patients’ charts as directed by radiologist, descriptions
    of accidents and incidents on reporting forms when something
    unusual occurs during patient exams or scanning procedures


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