Nursing Assistant

Qualification : 10th

Duration : 1-2 years

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This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Nursing Assistant”, in the “Health Care Sector Skill Council” Sector/Industry and aims at  building the following key competencies amongst the learner:


1. Describe the organization of healthcare facilities and the roles of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. 2. Identify the responsibility of the registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and nursing assistant in a variety of settings.
3.   Apply     nursing     assistant     theoretical               knowledge                    in providing basic healthcare services. 4. Perform essential nursing assistant clinical skills.
5. Use accurate and appropriate communication with members of the healthcare team. 6. Employ ethical and moral behaviors, and the characteristics of honesty, responsibility and caring in the provision of patient/resident are.
7. Carry out and follow up on patient/resident care tasks as delegated by the nurse. 8. Providing Nursing Assistance and Patient’s Care.


This course encompasses 23 out of 23 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “
HSS/Q5101/General Duty Assistant” Qualification Pack issued by “Health Care Sector Skill Council”.




Topic/Module Duration (in Hours) Key Learning Outcomes Corresponding NOS Code
1 Assistance in Nursing activities and Patients Care 100 Hrs ·         Assist nurse in bathing patient.

·         Assist nurse in grooming the patient.

·         Assist patient in dressing-up.

·         Support individuals to eat and drink.

HSS / N 5101 HSS / N 5102 HSS / N 5103 HSS / N 5104



·         Assist patient in maintaining normal elimination

·         Transferring patient within the hospital.

·         Communicating appropriately with the co-workers.

·         Prevent and Control infection.

·         Assist nurse in performing procedures as instructed in the care plan.

·         Assist nurse in observing and reporting change in patient condition.

·         Assist nurse in measuring patient parameters accurately.

·         Respond to patient’s call.

·         Clean medical equipment under supervision of nurse.

·         Transport patient samples, drugs, patient documents and manage changing and transport laundry/linen on the floor.

·         Carry out last office (death care).

HSS / N 5105 HSS / N 5106 HSS / N 5107 HSS / N 5108 HSS / N 5109 HSS / N 5110 HSS / N 5111 HSS / N 5112 HSS / N 5113 HSS / N 5114 HSS / N 5115
2 Professional Culture, Protocols, Code of Conduct and Waste disposal standards 60 Hrs ·         Act within the limits of one’s competence and authority

·         Work effectively with others

·         Manage work to meet requirements

·         Maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment

·         Practice Code of conduct while performing duties

·         Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols

·         Follow infection control policies and procedures

·         Monitor and Assure Quality

HSS/ N 9603

HSS/ N 9604

HSS/ N 9605

HSS/ N 9606

HSS/ N 9607

HSS/ N 9609

HSS/ N 9610

HSS/ N 9611

3 Communicative English and Official Communication (Written and Oral) 20 Hrs ·         Candidate should able to Communicate in English.

·         Candidate should able to read and write so that he/she should able to understand the prescription.

Additional as Required for the Job Role
4 Computer Fundamentals 20 Hrs ·         Candidate should able to use computer for maintaining records for statistical database

·         Candidate should able to use computer for maintaining records for medical store.

Additional as

Required for the Job Role

5 Fundamentals of Nursing 20 Hrs ·         Definition of Nursing, Principles of Nursing, Development of Nursing, Etiquettes of nursing profession, Ethics of nursing, duties and responsibilities of nurse, Qualities of a Nurse, the Nurse and Legislation

·         Introduction of Nursing – A general view, origin of nursing, goals and scope of nursing, interpersonal relationships, Basic nursing principles, nursing procedures and nursing techniques, important factors of a procedure, needed steps or stages of a procedure

Additional as Required for the Job Role



·         Hospital – Functions of hospital, types of hospital, hospital Housekeeping, Principles of housekeeping, care of clothes, pillows, mattress, care of furniture, care of sanitary units, place of patient in the hospital, environmental hygiene, personal hygiene – oral hygiene, skin care, hair bath, body bath, care of eye and perenial care, Micro organisms and disease transmission, Importance of cleanliness and cleaning agents

·         Basic Nursing care needs of the patient – Psychological, social & Spiritual needs, Physical comfort, Hygienic needs, Nutritional needs, elimination needs, observation, medication needs, giving and taking of bed pan, giving and removing urinal, constipation, causes of constipation

6 Pharmacology 12 Hrs ·         Definition, Drugs, pharmacy, routes of administration, various types of drugs, its advantages and disadvantages

·         Dose-definition, Minimum dose, maximum dose – over dose, oral administration, purpose of administration, methods of administration, calculating dosage, domestic measurement, metric system, and table measure

·         Injection – definition, purpose of injection, common dangers of injection, different routes, infusion

Additional as Required for the Job Role
7 Microbiology 12 Hrs ·         Infection, sterilization – disinfection

·         Methods of transmission of diseases

·         Immunity – types

·         Bacteria – Common bacteria

·         Viruses – small pox virus, chicken pox virus, measles, polio, aids viruses

Additional as Required for the Job Role
8 Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology, Psychology and First Aid 20 Hrs ANATOMY:

·         General Anatomy of Human Body

·         Systems of Body

·         Functions of Each System

·         Diseases caused to each system

·         Care of each system PHYSIOLOGY:

·         Human Body

·         Function of each organ

·         Disorders of Organ SOCIOLOGY:

Additional as Required for the Job Role



·         Definition of Sociology and Social problems

·         How illness affect society

·         Role of Society in preventing epidermis diseases PSYCHOLOGY:

·         Definition

·         Psychology of sick person

·         Need for psychological support to sick person

·         Mental adjustment of individuals

·         Care of mentally retarded & insane persons FIRST AID:

·         Definition, first aider – definition, duties and responsibilities

·         Artificial respiration

·         Electric shocks, Burns, Scalds, shock

·         Control of Bleeding and unconsciousness

·         Bleeding from Nose & Ear, Epileptic Fits

·         Fractures & Injuries, Dislocation and High Fever

·         Something get struck in the throat

·         Drowing, insect bite, snake bite, Dog Bite, Food Poisoning, Chemical Poisoning

9 Nursing, Social and Preventive medicine 12 Hrs ·         Artificical needing – nasal gastric gavage, gastrostomy and enter ostomy feeding, rectal feeding, I.V.infusions

·         Blood-blood transfusion

·         Irrigations and instillations-eye irrigation, ear irrigation, vaginal irrigation, rectal irrigation, gastric lavage, rectal examination, lumbar puncture

·         Theatre technicique – surgeons room, nurse room, instruments room, general instrument, pre and post operative care, general nursing care, incision and drainage, wound suturing, suturing materials, clips

·         Anaesthesia – general anaesthesia, signs and stages of anaesthesia, classification of general anaesthesia, intravenous anaesthesia, local anasthesia, spinal anaesthesia

·         Pre-operative care, post-operative care reports and records

Additional as Required for the Job Role
10 Communicable Diseases and Common Diseases 12 Hrs ·         Classification of Diseases

·         Droplet infection, Measeles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Mumps and Influenza

·         Diseases affecting Respiratory System: Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis

·         Diseases affecting Gastro Intestinal System: Dysentery, Diorrhea, Typhoid, Cholera,

Additional as Required for the Job Role



Peptic Ulcer, Liver Diseases (Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Gastritis, Appendiciitis)

·         Skin Diseases & Venereal Diseases, Scabies, Soriasis, Fungal Infection, Venereal Diseases, Leprosy

·         Blood Anaemia, Leukemia, Bleeding Disorders

·         Urinary Diseases: Glomerulo Nephritis, Pyelo Nephritis

·         Cardiovascular Diseases: Angina Pectoris, Hypertension, Valvular Diseases

·         Nervous System- Polio, Meningitis

·         Viral Diseases : Aids, Rabies

·         Insect-Born Diseases: Malaria, Filariasis

11 Health Education 12 Hrs ·         Aims & Principles of Health education

·         Methods of Health Education

·         Effects of health education

·         Levels & practice of health education

·         Need of Health education to attain positive health

Additional as Required for the Job Role


On Job Training: 150 Hours


Total Programme Duration: 450 Hours (300 Hrs Theory & 150 Hrs OJT)


(This syllabus/ curriculum have been approved by Health Care Sector Skill Council (name of relevant Sector Skill Council or NSDC designated authority).


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