Post-Diploma in Emergency Medical Techniques

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  • To provide emergency medical support and care to individuals who
    are critically ill or injured and transport them to a medical facility
    within stipulated time limits.
  • To respond to emergency calls from the dispatch center after
    collecting information about the type of emergency & able to
    prepare oneself for an emergency
  • To prepare the ambulance with the required medical equipment and
    supplies as per the medical emergency which include diagnostic kits,
    disposables, and patient care products and other items required for
    Basic Life Support (BLS).
  • Summing up the scene quickly and ensuring what action to be taken
    upon arrival at the emergency scene to evaluate the situation and
    ensure the safety of patient(s).
  • Able to Transport patient by appropriate means, keeping in mind
    the emergency, weather conditions and availability of the transport
    & treating life threatening conditions using external devices
    available in the ambulances.


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